SCUBA Gadget – warp1 live dive review

Many thanks to John McKenzie of SCUBA Gadget for his comprehensive review of the warp1 fins.
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Fins are the hardest scuba product to review because your experience is subject to your body, the dive conditions, what fin you wore on your last dives and much more. Because CETATEK’s aquabionic warp1 is as they say, “a different fin with every kick”, it took this review challenge to a whole new level. We always require at least 8 dives on any fin we are reviewing. With the warp1s we have over 30 dives, in all kinds of conditions. Additionally, I went back and forth between the Warp 1 fins and other brands and kept noticing different things about the warp1s on each testing cycle.

Now here is why the warp1s have earned our editor’s choice award.

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