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Diane Reid – Comments on the warp1 fin

Diane Reid is employed as a Senior Engineering Systems Specialist at an international Engineering Procurement and Construction Management firm in Vancouver, B.C.

What’s this, a revolutionary fin? Developed by aquabionic and branded ‘warp1’ – when I heard this I thought “catchy name”. I sincerely doubted that fin technology could be, or needed to be advanced in this day and age. The on-line promotional video is insightful and from it I gained an appreciation of the design philosophy but was skeptical as to whether this fin could possibly impress me.

I’ve been an avid diver since 1989 and average 100 cold water dives annually, photography is my main focus these days and my aim is to take only pictures and disturb nothing. In the early days of gear floundering, I bought and discarded several pairs of fins but eventually settled on SCUBAPRO Jet Fins. They were very heavy but I could really motor. In those days I had a lot of ocean to discover and my priority was to go the distance on every dive. In the late 90’s I was introduced to Force Fins and it was not love at first kick, as the feeling of nothingness at the end of my legs was peculiar, but after 4 dives I refused to dive with anything but.
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Travis Stewart – PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer #278285

Working as Diving professional over the last 2 years out of Vancouver on the coast of British Columbia I have had the opportunity to use many models of fins and straps.

I have primarily used the tried and true black rubber and hard fins divers have loved off the coast for the last 40 years.
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